Is it possible for a fan coil wires to have continuity?

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I have a ceiling fan that is faulty, I initially thought it's the capacitor but it's not, I tried checking for continuity between the coil wires but I got none... But am not sure if coil wires should have continuity.. Can anybody help please?


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The coil connections in most ceiling fans are rather complex because there are three speeds and a reverse switch. At least one repair that I did consisted of working that reverse switch back and forth a few times, while another was fixed by addressing a mechanical problem that prevented the pull chain from properly moving the speed switch. So there are a lot of things to check on with the motor package. It is probably not a winding open problem. It might indeed be an open thermal fuse, as suggested, but there are lots of other possible causes.

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  • First, rule out any power issues
  • Check your home's circuit breaker and see if it is working properly.
  • Check the wire connections in you ceiling fan by first turning off the power. Then open the fan and see if the supply wires from your house and the fan wires are properly connected. If you're not sure if the coil wires should have continuity then for your own safety be very cautious.


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If the fan is still hanging then the comments from Dp make some sense, but if you have already taken it down then the situation is different. And how do you know that the fan is defective? Most ceiling fans have three connection wires, a common, one to power the motor, and another to power the light, even if no light option is present. Connecting to that wire does nothing at all. And in addition there is often an internal connector that may have come apart. So there are a few other things to look at.