IoT Operating System

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Hello everyone,
currently I am looking for an IoT OS, which can be implemented in an industrial controller. The industrial controller has already implemented an embedded real-time multitasking OS. Besides to this the controller has an Industrial PC integrated with Windows 10.

So my question is now: Does someone know something about an IoT OS which is commonly used in an industrial environment? Further, how is an IoT OS implemented, especially in an industrial controller? What kind of Hardware or Software do I need and so on.

It would be great if someone could describe it to me in a very generic way step by step.

Thanks for reading =D



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You might be worried about a situation that is not relevant to your circumstances. The question you should be asking is: if there is one how can I integrate products that use it into my system. At that point it is all about the interfaces and the behavior. I see no value in replacing your embedded RTOS, even if that was remotely possible.


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Along the lines of @Papabravo's comment, it would be very helpful to understand the expected benefits of the "IoT OS" in your environment. What value do you hope to get from it. That is to say, why do you want to do it, not what do you want to do.

Whatever it is, please make sure that information security is as the very front of your process and a constant concern. There is a great danger in not properly securing software that runs on networked industrial machines which, should it become an issue, will lead to a lot of tears.