Inverter too high output voltage than normal, problem?

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One of the inverter of my school generating peak AC voltage of around 280V. My country's standard mains voltage is around 220 to 230V AC. I have noticed that some cell phone charger SMPS connected to the inverter has damaged with big bang (blast) back to back in past days. With a CCTV camera and a router load, its output is around 275V AC and with a desktop PC and a laser printer load, its output fluctuates around 255 to 265VAC. Do I need to worry and need to adjust its internal setting? (if it has) [India's Luminous Inverter]

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Hi Willen. I hope you are vaccinated against the strong Covid pandemic lately in Nepal.

Your standard electricity is 220VAC RMS to 230VAC RMS. The waveform is a smooth sinewave.
The peak voltage of a sinewave is 1.414 times (the root of 2) which is 325V.

Many cheap inverters do not produce a sinewave, instead they produce a cheap modified waveform that measures wrongly with many voltmeters.

The Luminous EcoWatt (Eco means cheap) Neo 700 inverter is rated at 600VA with a modified waveform. It has a detection voltage range of 180V to 260V and turns on when the electricity voltage is higher or lower when it is set to UPS Mode. Its detection mode is higher (they do not say and it might be 300V) when it is set to ECO Mode. Maybe yours is set to ECO Mode to allow electricity to power your load for a longer time and not use the inverter's battery much.

Since electricity is not reliable and its voltage varies a lot around Asia then people need an inverter and an electricity "conditioner". I have never seen or used an inverter or conditioner because the electricity here in Canada is reliable and correct.

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Inverters are made for people to have some electricity when they are camping or hunting, away from civilization.
People in some countries need an inverter when at home in a large city. Why?