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    Hello Guys and Gals..I am a successful HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Waterproofing contractor here in Central Ohio. Having been born in Tiffin, Ohio; I was raised in (infamous) Fostoria, Ohio; one of only two small cities in America which lies in the intersection of three counties. Fostoria is famous along with Tiffin and Toledo as world famous glass centers. My paternal grand-father, Joseph L. Fey worked @ Tiffin Glass House for 52 years, retiring the year before I was born. Tiffin Glass used young German boys to pick up the numerous 'shards' of glass so they could be 're-melted.' I remember fondly my Grandmother Fey calling me 'Bartie Bumple' as she sat me down to her meager kitchen table; and giving me her (still) warm raisin oatmeal and walnut cookies and a glass of milk. Grandpa was an expert in wood..and often would make me a baseball bat, to 'my specifications.' down in his "KELLAR." (Cellar). While sitting in their living room, Grandma would cite poems by the hours..She knew all of Aesop's Fables verbatim! Granpa made many of the glass paper weights..about the size of a baseball. These are the paper weights with the 'bubbles' inside and the beautiful colors displayed. He also made many of the "glass walking canes", and used to 'store them' in the corners of the rooms in his house. These canes..are almost 'price-less', mainly because they were "one of a kind"; often made to the specific specifications of the customer. :) Capt. Bart Fey.
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