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  1. RASelkirk

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    May 4, 2008
    Hi All,

    I'm working on an old Rambler that had vacuum wipers, have converted it over to an electric 2-speed wiper motor designed for a boat. This motor not only has the recip. transmission, it's got adjustable sweep and is waterproof. Motor has four wires: hi, low, ground and park.

    While looking for a switch, I ran across an intermittent setup from a '75 Mercury Cougar that has the switch, harness, and delay box. The motor this setup was designed for has two park switches (six wires) and I have no idea how to get around this except for maybe a relay to combine the two scenarios into one park signal.

    I cannot find the correct wiring diagram for the box I have, either the wire count or color scheme is wrong. The diagram I used has one wire out of place. The BLK/WHT from the box instead of the GRN shown, which also originates from a different source. From what I understand, the intermittent "rate" is controlled by a rheostat in the switch. Whatever the interval, when it's triggered, a short pulse just long enough to activate the motor is sent out (which wire?), followed by 12v on one of the park wires. This repeats as long as the switch is in "rheostat" mode. Turning the switch clockwise gets "off", "low", then "high". I think the other park switch is operated by either low or high on the knob.

    So, I've decided to map it all out and see what the experts think. Also looked for a data sheet for the relay on the board hoping to find out which terminals correspond to the standard 30, 85, 86, 87, & 87a with no luck (too old). I'd love to know for sure which wire does what coming from this box so I can do a test hookup w/o burning anything. The circuit breaker inside the switch is rated 7A.



    For some reason, I had to covert my (80k) JPGs to PDF in order to upload ? ? ?
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