Interfacing GSM module

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    Feb 2, 2012
    I am interfacing wavecom M1306B module to send sms.

    When I have to sens sms via hyperterminal I am able to do that:

    1. At enter

    2. at+cmgs="9999xxxx", enter
    >my message ctrl+z

    +cmgs: 13


    Here bold are data which I receive, plain is what I send, & italic is computer control buttons which I press.

    1. Now I want to interface it will controller. Can I do this my using rxd & Txd pins only, or I need to use all pins on modem from microcontroller

    2. Do all characters send/reciev are to be in ascii. Like if I have to send 90. I have to send 0x39 & 0x30.

    3. Control button "ctrl+z", how to emulate it in microcontroller.

    4. What is that button '>' , byte received from modem