Interesting 3PH PWM Motor Driver Project

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    Jan 25, 2016
    Hello Folks!

    I have acquired a damaged front load washer and a have pulled the 3ph 16K RPM Motor and controller. with some research and testing i have determined all the wire functions. and have successfully bench operated the motor and have even run the spin cycle. pretty cool motor with lots of potential, and lots of speed. i have read the data sheets for all the major ic's and am now familiar with the pcb component layout. what i want to do is tie in a serial port so i can modify the program on the ADMC326. my current objective is to make the driver actively user controlled. if i could start with velocity and direction control. my 2 current road blocks are: i am unable to definitively figure out the proper serial pins on the ADMC326. it does state that pins #2 - #7 are serial pins. but which are which? i am not much of a programmer, i would need some guidance in that area. would you need some kind of eeprom program or something? maybe i could build a small analog converter circuit to directly feed the ADMC326 instructions? an analog conv. to frequency to feed PWM Driver. maybe just modify the spin program already there. maybe it would be easier to just build a new driver. the answer seems to be right in front of me but i can't see it. throw me some ideas.

    IC Data Sheet Links:
    ADMC326 -
    74HC165 -
    74HC14 -
    IR2136S -
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    Jan 25, 2016
    had a hard time posting a photo so i posted it as my profile pic. Check it out! it is the controller board.
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    Try disabling the Flash Uploader. account/preferences. Search for "flash".


    Serial port pins on processors are NOT RS232 Serial Ports. They typically are inverted 3.3 V or 5V TTL compatible ports.
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    That controller is described as a
    28-Lead ROM-Based
    DSP Motor Controller

    .... which might make it hard to modify