Intelligent motor control applications

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Do you also have intelligent motor drive applications or motor control ICs which can be used for condition monitoring of motor drives?
I saw a couple of products out there on the Infineon webpage, but it looks like that they do not integrate any intelligent motor control.

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Hi Joseph_7G,

We have dedicated solutions for smart motor control applications.
You can find an overview about our solutions including our XMC™ microcontrollers here.

As an example, you can go with a XMC™ microcontroller from the XMC4000 and XMC1000 series.
These industrial microcontrollers are especially well suited for motor control applications because of their hardware peripherals.
You can use the CCU8 PWM timer in combination with the Hall & encoder I/F to implement advanced motor control applications. At the same time, you have the flexibility of a ARM® Cortex™-M microcontroller which you can use for condition monitoring with custom algorithms.

We have dedicated digital motor controllers from the iMOTION™ series as well.
You can find more information here. They integrate all the control and analog interface functions required for sensor less field oriented control. In addition they feature a motor control engine which eliminates software coding from the motor control algorithm development process. There are even variants with an integrated MCU which gives you additional flexibility of implementing additional features for condition monitoring of the brushed/brushless drive itself.

We have also automotive certified motor control solutions, depending on your requirements.

If you need more information or have specific requirements, please let me know and I can provide more information.

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