Insole activity tracker

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Vag Str

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I am a postgraduate student and I have been assigned to make for my Biomedical electronics class project a wireless insole activity monitor. Thus, I decided on the Flexiforce A401 pressure sensor.

I have a lot of issues since I do not have any major experience with electronics, so, I am really sorry if I am asking silly questions. One of the questions posited by my project is to estimate the total cost of producing the device. From the literature, I found that, apart from the sensor, I have to use a MCP6004 (recommended with the A401) op-amp, a low-pass filter for the signal processing, a Bluetooth, an analog to digital converter and a battery. But what should I look for in order to match all the components together? There are plenty of components, and I don’t think that just browsing the components sites and picking up random products is a good idea.

Kind regards and happy new year to everyone