Incredible Concert

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I'd love to have been one of the musicians. Very cool.

Organize a flash concert in your town. If you read the comments someone mentions they experienced one in Mexico.

A flash concert would be wonderful. Certainly better than a flash mob that goes out and causes trouble.

I saw something similar in Boston in the Italian district. The local church gets the fireman's band to play for them. They walk around with an icon with ribbons and the neighbors come out and pin money to the ribbons. The neighbors join in on the parade. They happened to stop in front of a restaurant window where I was seated with a co-worker. We got treated to a concert with ring side seats. It was very cool.


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That should be Incredible Concert. :) Lousy spell checkers.

This must have been a marvelous thing to experience in person.

It looks like it is actaully part of a commercial but it is still very cool if you happened to be there.
It's been a while since the hairs on the nape of my neck curled up... thank you so much!


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I watched this with my wife last night and then YouTube fed us a long string of additional videos that looked more like unrehearsed flash-mobs (not overly produced). No matter if it is overly produced or a bunch of high school hacks, it is clear that little kids have a great time listening and cannot resist the urge to dance. Live music just seems to provoke different emotions than recordings.

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You have to really love music to want to play the oboe. ;)

This probably would not be hard to do in Cremona, Italy. Cremoma is where Antonio Stradivari was born and lived and where he had his decedents built the famous violin. To this day the place is simply loaded with violin craftspersons and musicians of various stringed instruments. I have been there twice on 2 different bicycle tours. Not for the stringed instruments but for the town itself. It is a wonderful and friendly town. The piazza is pretty amazing too. Not huge just very pretty.


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