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I noticed that OBW0549's post has been made a sticky. My condolences to OBW's family. That made me wonder whether the "Members" section or Off-Topic sub-forum might be changed to include an "In Memoriam" list.

My first thought would be to include the handles of anyone who died while a member in good standing. It would be up to other members or family to add names.* That is, I would not expect our moderators to search obituaries for the information. One might argue that membership on that list should be limited to have a certain number of posts. I do not think it is necessary to limit the list. However, I do think a link to the thread announcing the member's loss should be included.

*Perhaps only moderators should be able to add names. Family members or forum members could report the loss to a moderator.

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I dislike hearing about deaths.
I am already reminded that I am an old geezer (75.5) by receiving death notices of my friends and colleagues from clubs and associations I belonged to.
Most of them were smokers but they died 20 years ago.
Today my daughter delighted me by saying that her friend survived a car crash and flipped and rolled over 4 times. Her friend survived with a few bruises. I am lucky to avoid car crashes.

Now I read that the flu shot and maybe the Covid shot will help me avoid another heart attack, a stroke or a cold.
I eat properly, take a few medicines and do exercise that keep me young.

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Everything science has taught me - and continues to teach me - strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death.Nothing disappears without a trace. Rest in peace @OBW0549.


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I live in a medium sized city in Northern Thailand and there is an extended expat community that normally stays in touch on a local web-based forum. Several years ago an Obituaries forum was added and since most of us are old and retired that forum has been helpful in a few cases of figuring out who is still around and who has checked out. I think something similar for this community would be helpful to many of us.

Audioguru again

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I am saddened every time I get an Obituary message that one of my colleagues has passed away.
The smokers all passed away long ago but lately the healthy ones are beginning to "check out".
I am not young at 75 but I still act and feel much younger so every obituary reminds me that I might not have much time remaining to be well and healthy.
I am anxious for my wife and I to get the Covid-19 vaccine within about 1 week.


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It is that time of life for us old geezers. Since we lost OBW0549 I have also lost an Aunt in her 90s and two close friends in their 70s quite unexpectedly.

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And perhaps some form of contact information for those in mourning perhaps like to send flowers or a personal handwritten message to the immediate family something to that effect. :confused:

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An in memorial could be good, could we try it ?

As some one else said a while back,

I just rejoice when I look in an obituary and my name is not there.


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This went by without me seeing it. I have had some interaction with OBW0549 while I have been here. When someone I know from online passes, I always regret not spending more time getting to know them, and in particular telling them what I value and admire about them.

To all of you regulars, who I have gotten to know, I want to say that I admire each of you for your unique contributions to my time here and value your expertise and insight which helps me learn every day.

Yes, some of you are curmudgeonly but I don't know of one who is mean spirited or who doesn't spend time helping other when they can. It is the reason I stayed around here and why I returned when local life took me away for a while. This is a great community and that's because of each of you, and all of you.

OBW0549 was a part of that, and like each of you is irreplaceable. Others will appear and some will stay but none will ever be him.
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