Im on my last question concerning karnaugh maps and i need help

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Im on my last question on my project which asks: Show the Karnaugh map for each input of each flip-flop. Simplify and create the flip flop input functions.
This is where im stuck as i dont know how to do it.
Also here is my progress


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Could you post the complete text of the problem? What type of flip flop are you using?

It's preferred that you post images on this site. It eliminates the need for members to go to other sites and prevents broken links in the future.

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You are quite close and demonstrating knowledge of building and minimization of K-Maps.
1. As in Post #2, what type of flip-flop is used? We can guess but it should be specified.
2. One of the K-maps is not fully minimized. In other words, there can be a larger group.
3. Your next step is "Simplify and create the flip flop input functions" as stated in the problem. What is the next step after creating the K-Maps? For example, if you are drawing a schematic or using an HDL, what do you need to know from the K-Maps?