Identify burned part of Tacx Flux Direct Drive Smart Trainer

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I want to know the burned part?

My Tacx already out of warranty, so I want to replace the burned part my self.

Please identify of the burned part. Picture Attached.

Thank you.

Burned Part

Board after removed burn part

whole board

Front of the burned part

Back of the burned part


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It seems to be a resistor (R86). However, without being able to read the markings, or without a schematic, no one can say what the value is. Also, for a resistor to go like that usually means some other component when "short circuit" or overload, and caused the high current to flow thru the resistor. Thus, I suspect there are other components that are damaged to start with, the resistor was a result of other components failing. (or did you plug it into the wrong power source?). Also, check the fuse next to the resistor, it may be blown as well.
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Sir twistedhype

Is this unit now having a BIG pile of dust on it . . .with no ensuing activity in the interim ?
It seems to be a resistor (R86).
Whassamattahyou ? . . . look at the CORRECT identifier and accompanying techno symbol beside it . . . its a varistor. . . . .
It is across the incoming AC line and if you are using 220-240VA power . . . . use a properly high enough

rating such that incoming / constant power spike " nibbles " don't untimely wear it down.
Consider . . . .

73's de Edd . . . . .

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