identify an unknown component

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Hi everyone.. this is a component mounted on an industrial walkie talkie keypad board.. does anyone know what is this chip? I could not find anything about in the internet. the part number marked on the chip: S538 2020.
thank you in advance
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With a photo that showed a lot more of the circuit board a better guess will be possible. Without any additional information it could be any of a number of things. That logo on the package should help provide a link to the company that made the part.
Did the walkie talkie work before being taken all apart? Is the goal to repair it or to change the frequency it works on?


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Where is this situated on a board?, could be a microphone, inertia sensor, etc. Very much looks like a sensor but depends what kind of stuff the device has.
Fast Google search give no hints, the number could be a custom part for this manufacturer so you can not find anything based on that. My guess is that this is a variant from a common part that has a custom number for specific mod in the part.