IDE to develop Embedded Linux device driver

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Recently, I was studying Linux Embedded Device Driver, due to the lack of knowledge, so I began to wonder if I could write a driver myself to make the firmware run. No matter how hard it is and whether it can achieve my original intention or not, it pays off a lot if I learn how to develop Linux driver.

I would like someone with more experience to suggest device and compiler to develop Embedded Linux device driver


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It's not that hard but you need a large amount of background knowledge about the structure of Linux Kernel and OS structures in general to get started from scratch. You don't need a IDE to edit source files but it helps to keep things organized. I've used VI, Netbeans, Eclipse, and just about any IDE that understands the C language syntax.
This is an old book that should help with basic concepts but the modern Kernels have a much different structure that's documented here.