i want to calculate the Current limiting resistor value and wattage for Power transformer

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Muhammad Irfan 6

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Hey Guys .
Recently im working on a power transformer the specification of that transformer is
220Vac input and 100VAc output 50A .
Of course in startup it take a high inrush current and that time my circuit breaker trips .
I make a soft starter circuit for it to resolve this problem. i used a 100A relay it will turn on after 2 second of delay.
now i want to calculate the current limiting resistor which connected parallel with the relay contacts .


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What is the load?
The resistance would be 100 divided by the maximum current you want.
The wattage can be low since the power only occurs for 2 seconds.
Likely a 1W resistor would be sufficient.


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Is this due to a high load and/or capacitor bank being connected? If so you could disconnect this until the initial primary inrush was over.