I don't know how to create a clear and have the correct count pattern

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Hi, we got a project in my Digital Electronics class. Essentially, it simulates a deli counter and goes to 80. The parts I have to do are create the counting to 8 in the tens place, counting to 9 in the ones place, having a clear set up to a button/switch that clears both back to zero, and a count pattern where every time you press a button it advances the count by one until you get it to 80. I have the first two down already. I just have no idea how to make a universal clear for both hooked up to one button/switch and I also cannot find a way how to have it count by one. I have both set up to a button but when you press it, it advances one in the ones place then one in the tens places and repeats.

Here is my circuit

So, the top counter is the tens place. The bottom is the ones place. That interactive digital constant in the bottom left is the button to advance it. Now, how exactly do I make that clear and how do I set the pattern correctly because I am just so lost and trying so hard to do it but failing miserably every time and it is causing me anxiety as I feel like I won't finish it in time.

Thank you.
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