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    Mar 6, 2015
    I'm using a 555 timer connected to a keyboard to press keys.... Im trying to compact it but as of now have yet to find a IC chip that i can connect to an USB wire that will read as a keyboard or mouse. I took apart a mouse that has a IC chip that i can plug into a breadboard but that is completely useless if i can't find a datasheet on the IC. Also it seems i can't power the 555 timer off of the USB port at all i've tried from the keyboard power and it gives me scrambled random key presses. Ive also plugged a separate USB wire in and used that for power and same thing so ive been forced to power it from a 9v battery.
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    Mar 1, 2015
    Inasmuch as the components found in most commercial hardware are proprietary, location of specifications will be challenging to say the least -- that said be advised that 'generic' devices are frequently stamped with 'in-house' numbers by the product fabricators -- thus you may make an educated guess based upon 'circuit context' -- a technique that I have found more rewarding than it sounds :)

    On the other hand note that several micro-controllers featuring a USB interface are available (See product catalogs for the offerings of Microchip, Atmel, etc).

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