Hubert Lamb, Father of Climatechange.

Glenn Holland

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"Climate Change" is actually a normal phenomenon that's been going on for millions of years before man walked the planet and nothing to worry about.

At one time, the entire earth's crust was molten then at a later time, it was entirely covered with ice. Then later on, the ice melted. Climate is an extremely dynamic quantity and expecting it to NOT change is ludicrous.


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" will surely relish the bitter irony that the climatologist who did more than anything to put “climate change” studies on the map was about as sceptical and sceptical as can be. During his lifetime, he saw the way the wind was blowing and loathed it: his field, he realised, was being hijacked by computer modelers with pre-determined views on the causes of climate change. These models were anathema to Lamb, who maintained that there could be no real understanding of what climate might do in the future until we could first find an explanation for the natural variations in the past.

The chutzpah with which the alarmists have claimed Lamb as one of their own is breathtaking – if not altogether surprising given their known fondness for tampering with the historical record."

As little as a year ago, skeptical folks like me were tarred as "deniers" and made to feel like a fringe element. Most of us were driven to silence to avoid the ridicule. I've been amazed to learn that healthy skepticism is rising rapidly as the latest "thing". It's no longer unusual to hear about all the data fudging and cherry-picking, the spectacular failure of the models, the distortions and gymnastics that the fanatics will engage in to further their agenda.

There is still a lot of force behind "global warming", but it is gratifying to see so many people rising up to voice their skepticism. Maybe in another year or two we can toss it into the dustbin of history and wonder how such a thing could have ever happened.