HP Laptop Screen Control Board Has No Power

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Valerio Kapa

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My original problem was that i can not in any way make BIOS show up in my external (and only) monitor,my built in display is long gone,but the laptop still thinks there is a display connected to it,even though there isnt one.So i can no longer access BIOS since it only wants to display it on the built in display.So getting to the actual point,an old HP laptop i had,has the same type of connector,so i tried to plug in the old display,it fits,but the board has no power,the laptop recognizes the display,it lets me change the resolution and expand my desktop to it,but there is no backlight or any form of life into it,i shined a flash light at the back,it was as dead as dead gets,so now i need your help,could i perhaps cut the cable and re-wire it from a 40pin connector to VGA for example,would that even work?I found no schematics to provide or anything of actual help really,sorry in advance.The model of the laptop that donated the display is "HP Mini 110-3524la"68442026_407768639943131_5492818775612850176_n.jpg 68288303_449787839080182_2013586019617603584_n.jpg 68513910_1265915603566564_3033617065672966144_n.jpg