How would you get motors to sync up with your movements?

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Hello, im working on a project and i need a bit of help to understand this as i have just about no prior expiriance with this how would you get multiple motors to sync with our bodies movements? EX: when i move my finger the motor moves as well putting more force in the movement.
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You will require a position-to-electrical signal transducer for each body movement you need to sense, a positional and/or speed transducer for each motor to provide feedback, some electronics to interface all those, and a suitable power supply.


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First figure out how to convert the movement into some form of absolute position number, then send the result to a motor / controller with closed loop position feedback.

The flex sensor above might work, but will not produce an accurate output relating to angle, etc.
you might consider motion capture software that uses a camera input.


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This would be a servo motor controlled from a sensor that measures your finger position.

The motor also has a position sensor (usually an encoder). Both signals are fed to the servo controller and compared. The servo controller then moves the motor to reduce the difference between the sensors.

The servo controller uses a system called PID (proportional, integral, derivative) to smoothly control the motor position with minimal overshoot. There are commercial systems available that can do this. It is possible to make you own but not an easy task.


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"when i move my finger the motor moves as well putting more force in the movement."

How many motors mock how many movements at same time?