How to use a 12V input and 240-24V Relay switch to run a DC 12V motor with Aurdino

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I have a set of 4 240 to 24 V AC or 120-24 V DC relay.(mentioned on top) input it takes is 5 V from aurdino. I have a 12 V DC motor. How do I use this relay switch to run this 12 V DC motor. I have programmed my aurdino to work with relay and run the motor. The LEDs with the relay show the timing. I am confused how to run my 12V DC motor using the 24V relay



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The 24v of the relay is just for the coil, the output terminal are for what ever you want to switch with them, IOW use a N.O. contact on the output terminals to switch 12v to your motor.
I presume you have some detailed information on the board itself??