How to put a digital sound on an IC

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I am a newbie to electronics and have learned many of the basics. Simply put, what I would specifically like to know is how to put a digital sound (for example, a doorbell sound from a .WAV file) onto an electronic component; then, push a button and play it through a speaker. If someone could explain the concept to me and/or direct me to a DIY project page or file, that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


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You can get the ISD1820 board on ebay for a couple of $$.
I used one for just that, but made mine portable using an old door opener transmitter and receiver tied into the door bell.
This way it is portable if I am in the yard/shop etc.


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There are a couple ways to go about this. The obvious is to have the sound recorded on a device and have a button press cause the sound to be played. The other way is to use a sound chip.

Do you have a preference?

These came up in a Google search. I haven't read any of them, but didn't pick any that I thought would clearly be misleading (like YouTube).