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i have a center stable 5k linear pot as a variable v divider.
i want to connect 2x 2.5k pots in series? to replace each half of the pot with its own wiper, moving singly and maintaining the 5k overall resistance and normal voltage division when moving only one wiper. the 2 pots will be at opposite ends of their sweeps. I imagine the 2 wipers will be connected together.


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mobility throttle pot is normally 5k. can it be 10k without harm?
It'll probably work ok - the controller speed input takes minimal input current so the voltage swing from a 10k should be near identical as that from a 5k. What mobility controller (I'm guessing a scooter rather than wheelchair)?


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Center tapped pots are available BUT not from most electronics shops. One oof the bigger mail order places should be able to supply such a part.
Is the problem that the original control has failed?