How to mitigate Excessive Ringing in VDS and VGS

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Good Day,

I have few questions regarding my measurement results in the lab for Double Pulse Test Setup. There are three Issues which I want to mitigate and I need solution to that.
1) At turn-on Interval, there is excessive ringing in Vgs and Vds which could result into some serious EMI issues in our application hence lowering the overall efficiency of system.
2) At turn-off interval, the VDS spike is roughly 6 to 8V higher then what it should be causing increase in turn-off switching energy.
3) For diode reverse recovery, the Vsd spike is also very higher and at one instance it even surpassed maximum blocking voltage capability of device but using a small scrubber circuit it is now below to that value but still very high for our application which is why probably this device has higher reveres recovery energy.
The background of this activity is that this test is performed on 24V,and 10A-60A current with 150V/150A Mosfet. I have already increased the Rg_on and Rg_off from original value and have added a scrubber circuit as well between drain to source of device under test. I am new in this field so i dont have alot of experience at the moment to figure out the root cause of these issues and do corrective measures. I will wait for your valuable feedback. Thanks