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Hi guys, thank you all very much for giving me very helpful suggestion!

The floor is at the top, namely, the 14th floor of the whole building.

I feel horizontal push force and up-down hit while sleeping on the floor (sometimes the up-down hit is so strong that my heart and body feels like suffering electric shock), and also up-down pulse-like vibration while touching the mouse of my PC on a desk standing on the floor, and left-right shake-form vibration while sitting on my chair.

My aim is to collect evidence that the floor vibrates (not because of passing traffic, people, etc.) due to some kind of machine or tool installed under the floor or on a wall downstairs. The apartment owner advised me to take videos as evidence, but I wonder if vibration could be recorded as a video. So, I think acquiring vibration data maybe simpler, and now, I know a sensor is indispensable for this solution. Except that, is there any other way to prove vibration of floor? I look forward to your skilled methods, thank you very much!
Hello O.P.! I know this post was ages ago, so I don't know know if you'll ever see this reply, but it's worth a shot!
Did you ever figure out what the cause of your issues were? This sounds exactly like something I've been dealing with in my apartment for months. You described everything so much better than I could! I am absolutely miserable and have tried to do so much research but haven't found anything that ultimately helped. Hoping by some miracle you see this

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The simplest is to take app for phone named Vibrometer (Play Google) and do the job.
Yet if the frequency analysis have an importance, some cases the Sectroid may give a better results, or app named Resonance.