how to generate a signal of 500 MHZ signal?

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what will happen if....
I use a normal signal generator circuit by simply changing the values of tank circuit by using F=1/(2*pi*(SQR RT (L*C)))
does this work..
then im getting F more than 500MHZ


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It's not so simple for such high frequencies. You are almost on the boundary between RF and Microwave. These signals are usually the output of a voltage multiplier fed from a stable source (e.g. PLL). So before we say anything else, you should tell us if you want to actually implement this signal generator or construct it in a simulator.


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I think the circuit below would meet the most liberal interpretation of "how to generate any signal which is of atleast 500MHZ using transistors ?" Note that you would need some inductance and capacitance at the very least. The circuit below has been in daily use out-of-doors as an RF remote control transmitter for the last 7 years and has not had the oscillation frequency adjusted since the initial adjustment. The receiver is regenerative.

I've pushed this circuit to past 500 MHz (the limit of my ability to determine frequency) by reducing the inductance of the loop and reducing the tuning capacitance.

And it can be crudely made and still work as in the photo below, where the resonant loop was cut with a drill equipped with a router bit.