how to compile netlist in pspice 9.1?

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    Nov 24, 2008
    Hello everyone,,
    I am working from texbook 'Modelling Photovoltaic Systems using Pspice', and am trying to simulate the basic PV cell model in pspice, however, all over the book only commands 'netlists' are used and am having hard time as am used to schematics.
    can sombody plaese guide me on how to run this code on Pspice 9.1

    r1 1 2 1K; resistor between node (1) and node (2) value 1 KOhm
    c1 2 0 1n; capacitor between node (2) and node (0) value 1 nF
    vin 1 0 pulse (0 5 0 1 u 1 u 10 u 20 u); voltage source between node (1) and node (0)
    .tran 0 40 u
    .plot tran v(1) v(2)

    it's a simple RC circuit and I should get this graph

    what I do is creating a .cir file with the above code then run it using Pspice AD, however instead of the above graph I get this massage


    any suggestions?