How to choose the transistor and the resistors connected to it

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Oussama Zaidi

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You need to choose a pnp transistor that will give you the current over 500mA, the pin10 resistor is to turn the transistor on, so 1k to 10k will do, the pin 13 resistor is for current sense.

Here are some pnp transistors to look at, buy them at a store near your location. transistors&pageSize=25&showResults=true&aa=true&pf=110137578,110137586,110148370,110148443,110158937,110169571,110187317,110187614,110199758,110200673,110201939,110203788
Thank you, I am not talking about Rcl I mean the other resistor between pad 13 and the base of the transistor and if it is possible can you tell me why the value of the other resistance is between 1k and 10k?