How to attach a camera and make a mockup prototype

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    Hello and thanks always for the invaluable help I have received over the years.
    I would very much appreciate help with my next question which even though it may seem trivial for someone seasoned, to me it is puzzling

    Some months ago I bought this camera:
    And I have been doing development with this and a STM32 nucleo.
    So far it is working very well. No problem.
    I have connected it to the STM32 nucleo with some wires and I also build a very bad-looking (but functional) board to use a TFT LCD.

    My problem is that I want the system to look better. I have seen people build prototypes with screws, acrylic sheets, etc. I have to confess that I am a total zero with building things. I don't know where to start.

    So I am asking for advice from you. How can I fix this and built some decent prototype. So far I have thought of buying an acrylic box, and fixing this camera to the bottom- notice in the picture that there is a FIFO chip behind the plate so I can not just attach screws to the holes, or can I? I am very confused.

    Also is there a better way to connect this to the nucleo than common wires?
    Any other advice is very much welcomed

    Sorry if my questions seemed non-sense. it is that I have a total lack of imagination building things.
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    Search for Pcb mounting posts.....