How much voltage/current gets through an ESC

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I've been looking all over the place and can't seem to find a solid answer. My question is - how much voltage/current gets through an ESC to a brushless motor? More specifically, I'm pretty sure the current varies with the load, but the voltage doesn't? For example, if I have an 11.1v battery with 60 amp potential, the motor will receive 11.1 volts and a variable amount of current depending on the load? Is this correct?


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In general, yes!
A common misconception, of which I’m pretty sure you aren’t making, is that a load only draws the current it needs. That is, if you have a 12V 5A power supply, the load doesn’t get 5A. That rating doesn’t represent what is forced into a load; it is the maximum current the supply CAN give.


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The average voltage will change with the speed controller setting. The amps drawn are proportional to the torque the motor is loaded with.