How much power do you need to wake up a man?

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Let us assume that before we go to sleep, we put on something like a wristwatch. We set the right time and it wake us up with the help of electrical impulses. How many watts can safely wake us up?


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I don´t think watts is the right question. What will wake you up is enough current flowing through the skin, and the peak power can be even a few watts, but beacuse the spike is only a few microseconds long, the actual energy in that pulse will be very small.


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Making noise might be the more efficient use of electrical power than direct application to the subject, which requires maintaining a low impedance current path (ie. wires).


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We sleep in cycles. It will depend on where the sleeper is in his cycle. This also determines the quality of perceived rest.

The sleep cycle should be monitored(1:15 to 1:45)........and should only wake at end of cycle.

Then one would always feel refreshed. A good sleep. Even if you sleep for 14 hrs.....if awaken in middle of will feel tired. Only sleep for 2 complete feel rested.

There should be a market for sleep monitoring. But most are not aware.


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@TobiWan What time do you need to get up? What time do you go to bed?

Not everything has to be microprocessor controlled.
1) Get a woman (microprocessor optional)
2) Get a dog -- they don't have microprocessors
3) Get a habit. I haven't used an alarm clock in memory, except of trips. Since I now live in the Eastern time zone, I am usually up earlier than those with clocks. I also have been getting up before 0500 for so long, I still do after being retired for >10 years. I can't imagine getting up later.


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I've been known to wake at the faintest sound of distant thunder and I've slept through raging thunder storms. Slept through earth quakes. Once someone set off a hand grenade and my wife ran into the room extolling something outside exploded. Funny, I told her I was dreaming. Took her about a minute to fully wake me so I could go investigate. Someone detonated a hand grenade. I even remember the dream I was having when I heard (in my sleep) the explosion.

You might not wake someone with an electrical charge. You might be inclined to increase the power, possibly to the point where you put them to sleep forever. That's basically the reason why such topics are banned on this site.

We don't discuss mains power (the house current). We also don't discuss shocking each other, nor do we talk about making any kind of weapon or device that can injure another person - or animal.

If you want a sure way to wake up when the alarm rings, build a hydraulic rig that will tip the bed up enough so you roll out. You'll wake up.