How long does it take to be an embedded engineer in industry

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Hi All,
In near future, I would like to be an embedded systems engineer. In general how long does it take to be an embedded systems engineer? Most of my experience is from academics i.e., Bachelors in electronics and communication engineering, Masters in computer engineering. I realized industrial experience is way more different than academic experience. I have one year of industrial experience as an application engineer. I have started gaining my expertise in keil, ARM M0 microcontrollers, Segger J link, STM32, etc.

I am interested in baremetal programming of the microcontroller. Are there any online trainings available ? If so please send me the links.


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C Coding probably key to any effort, and there are tons of videos and classes
on web for that.

A modern IDE for M0 type parts, PSOC 4, free, is PSOC Creator. Board is
$ 4 to fool around with.

PSOC Creator -

Parts have analog + CPU. Tons of projects -

If you decide at a later time to do Bluetooth work -

More advanced families with more resources PSOC 5LP, its low end board is $10.

PSOC 101 video series to train from, lessons 1 - 16, all failrly short.

Regards, Dana.