how can we make fast charging usb type b data cable 2A for android

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Vipul Kumar 1

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i have some micro usb b pinout i soldered them in same way like it was in original data cable, but i am not getting the fast charging speed.

After that i had searched some of the videos on youtube, i found that there making fast charging cable shorting the d+ and d- of both side of the data cable, i.e on micro usb type b and on usb A side then it gives fast charging, but after few days some times it gives fast charging and some times it doesn't.

Can some body help in to make a fast charging cable that can give a 2A Or more current output, because original data cable is giving fast charging, but at the same time when i am making the same type of cable, it is not giving fast charging.


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You need a thicker cable and a psu to give out 2A, the D+/D- shorting is the Maximum current setting for a mobile phone, the phone limits the current as the battery gets full.