How can I perform a DFU from an ESP32 to a nRF52840?

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I have a nRF52840 and an ESP32 and I want to perform a DFU to nRF52840 from ESP32, supposing I have the signed binary file in the ESP32. I was already able to perform the DFU to nRF52840 using MCUboot, making nRF52840 enter recovery mode and using a mcumgr client on my laptop to run mcumgr -t 20 --conntype serial --connstring=COM6 image upload app_update.bin, but I don't know how can I perform the DFU from the ESP32, can anyone help me with this? I am using Zephyr v3.1.99-ncs1 in nRF52840 and ESP-SDK in ESP32.