how can i obtain truth from any 3 inputs of this logic ?

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A modified logic system will operate when a system connected to point D will only operate under 3 conditions as shown below
draw the circuit diagram using only NOR gates for the above process and only switches/NAND gates to create the correct set of inputs.
for all the combination i got the out put (0)
i need to out 1 from any 3inputs
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It's to say anything based on this description.

You say "as shown below", but "below" you have three things -- a partial truth table, a bunch of seemingly random equations, and a logic circuit that always outputs a zero regardless of the input. So which of these is supposed to show us something?

You talk about something being connected to this "point D" but your diagram HAS no point D anywhere in it.

What's the purpose of the five equations you have below your partial truth table? They don't seem related to anything.

What's the logic circuit for? Is it given to you, or is it something you came up with?

It would help if you provided the entire problem statement and then showed your work up to this point, making it clear which is which.


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From your other thread:

What is the purpose of the expressions outside of the table?

Why haven't you completed the table so we can see that you really mean you should have a 1 output when A, B, and C are 1?

Is this homework?
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