How can i get 29.4v Charger from this to charge my Lithium Packs?

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Hi all...

I previously got a 27.2v 1520w (55amp) charger, its an Ericsson Network power unit (Pic attached) and planned to use on a 24v Lead Acid battery. But started building 18650 Lithium cells battery packs and looking to make a 7s100p setup. Now thinking of how i would charge the packs when they are ready. I would be needing 29v with high amps charger to take each packs to 4.1v but i only have 27v charger. I know installing solar panels would fix this but can not afford that for now.

Is there a way to make use of this 27v charger for the 29v application with the current?




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It is not wise to charge lithium batteries at high current even with adequate power controls. So I suggest a regulated voltage current limited circuit, in the interest of avoiding fires and explosions.