How can I emulate a senor using a potentiometer


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Hi Shake,
Do you mean emulate or simulate.?
As you know, an LM35 is a temperature sensor, we need more details of what you are trying to do with the LM35.


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Emulate. When the sensor outputs a certain voltage I want the potentiometer to imitate it.
This sounds like a solution in search of a problem. Why do you want to do this? What will the potentiometer control? How will it solve the problem you are working on?

You have presented us with a problem to solve but it certainly seems to be a solution to some other problem you haven't described, and it doesn't sound like a solution to any scenario I can invent.


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The system requires two temperature inputs. The first temperature input is to be
implemented using a LM35 temperature sensor. The second temperature input is to be
implemented as a variable DC voltage which can be used to emulate ambient
temperature changes. The average of the two inputs controls the heating element
Well, a potentiometer is not the solution to that problem. Though I am not clear how the sensor output can be averaged with itself. If your variable voltage follows the sensor, it will always be directly proportional. Could you clear that up, I am missing something.

Also, what is the voltage range and current you need from the follower?


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You can do literally anything you want to do, and there may even be some utility in doing it, but actually doing it would take less time and effort than asking the question and reading through the answers. Hopefully after doing it you will be able to answer your own question and I can definitely see a purpose in that exercise.


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It's called scaling... What is the range of the variable you wish to measure? What is the range of the variable that the sensor is able to sense? What is the output of the sensor across its rated range? Is it voltage or current output from the sensor (or even digital or pneumatic maybe)? Then the output of the sensor has to also be scaled for the device/system that displays the sensor's output. Lots of variables. Start with what you are trying to measure and work from there. Scaling appropriately until you have as precise an output display as you can or need.