how can i control the servo by tracking a object in video?

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Vamsi Tungala

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I am doing a autonomous gun which tracks an object and shoot the object with in a certain range. can anyone tell me how to make the gun to point at a tracking object from the video. any tutorials suggestions related to this topic? i am using arduino mega and 3 servos for controlling the gun and Intex webcam. thank you in advance.


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Frankly, I think any such tracking and shooting device is a bad idea to promote, even if the gun shoots Nerf darts. Germane to the TS, please define what the target is and how you will tell friend from foe before shooting. As you may know, one of the problems with setting booby traps is self triggering.

Years ago, I did a similar project -- not for shooting but for identification -- in which we converted the video raster image to pixels (or maybe we captured it as pixels -- it was more than 30 years ago). We defined the target as a particular arrangement and color of pixels. Image processing is far more sophisticated today.



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While we accept the TS's explanation of his goals, there have been concerns voiced by several members and mods alike over the nature of the project itself and whether AAC is the proper place to facilitate such a device. In light of those concerns, the thread has been locked.
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