High Voltage input ac breakers

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    Nov 3, 2014
    1. I am using a lithium ion battery charger.

    2. Its bit expensive, & in field one of it got failed. I checked its input ac side board gets burned out due to over voltage ac input

    3. Charger is rated at:
    i) Input:
    a) Voltage Range: 90~264Vac
    b) Frequency Range: 47Hz--63Hz
    c) Power Factor(Typical): PF≥0.95/230VAC Full Load
    d) Efficiency ( Typical): ≥91%(220vac/Rated Load)
    e) AC Current (max.): ≤20A
    f) Inrush Current (Typical): ≤30A @220Vac Cold start
    g) Leakage Current: Input—output: ≤0.25mA Input—PG: ≤3.5mA

    ii) output:
    a) DC Output: 48V
    b) Rated Current: 21A(90-174Vac);42A(175-264Vac)

    4. Need a ac input overvoltage tripper for that:
    a) If AC line voltage ever increases to 264Vac max system should trip.
    b) Sometimes in field, one line falls over another line due to some breakage, this almost doubles the voltage of the line, system should trip.
    c) Also protection in case of lightning.

    5. Is there any ready made good quality device for this?
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