high capacity high current capacitors

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Hi everyone,
for a rechargable IoT Sensor including WiFi, I need a 300mF capacitor that is able to provide peaks up to 100mA.
During my research on google I found two options that fulfill my requirements easily:
1. AVX BestCaps
2. Murata Electronics DMT3N4R2U224M3DTA0

However, both options are quite expensive and a little bit of an overkill for my application. "Standard" supercaps only provide very low peak currents.
Is anyone aware of a capacitor product which allows similar values, but less performance and less price?
I am flexible in terms of temperature range (anything >0 degrees C is good) and peak currents (BestCap provides up to 500mA peak!) - I am not flexible on package size though.

I am very thankful for every hint!