Hi, could some one please help, mosfet alternative ..#2

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Hello, Here is a schematic, what i am aiming for is to have a high current going into an electromagnet, i button on off instant, that can make say 70grams jump off a table (magic prop) like flicking a matchbox off a table.
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For starters, move the coil to be between V+ and the drain, with the source to ground. That is how you switch power with an N channel MOSFET.

The way you have it now will put a max of 10V on the coil. The gate will be at 12V and the gate must be at least 2V above the source, so the source would be at 10. And that would be to pass 1mA. Higher currents would require more like 5 to 10V from source to gate.
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Let’s see, it is 1mH, so with 24V across it (after he fixes the switch) the current is:

24000t Amps

where t is in seconds time since the voltage was applied.