Help with Series-Parallel Circuits!

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Hi, I am a college student, and my professor gave us a quiz that is due tomorrow night. I am having a hard time getting this problem right. any help would be much appreciated. I really want to pass this class. lol.
Thanks in advanced!
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Hint: Every "triangle" of resistors can be looked as the 2 outside ones as in series, and those 2 series resistors are then in parallel with the third resistor. That then gives you a total resistance between two points of the triangle.

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Using sagor's tip, start at the lower left node labeled "A". Replace the two 1kΩ resistors with a single 2kΩ resistor. Now you have 2kΩ in parallel with 560Ω. This should give you a value of 437.5Ω. The two 1kΩ and the 560Ω resistors can be replaced with a single 437.5Ω resistor. Do the same thing to the right triangle of resistors. Work your way up until you get to the 60 V source and you will have the equivalent resistance applied to the source.

For the voltage across A-B, work the problem backwards.