Help With Pic16F690 and ID1100 Voice Chip

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Please read attached files for my question. Everything with the circuit works fine except for two anoying problems. When I first turn on the circuit with the off/on switch the triples message sounds. How do I turn this off?
The second problem is that the circuit skips the first sound message when first activated. How do I fix this?
I was also wondering what the clock speed is on my circuit. Can you tell me what it is and show me the math?
Thank you so much for your help with these issues. :)



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First try: The sound is triggered by RB4 going low. When you check RB4 for a button press you only look for a low level and RB4 has a capacitor to ground so it will be low until that capacitor charges up. You could avoid this by waiting for a high level on RB4 and then waiting for a low level.