Help with mutually triggering leds via maxim 16054

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Hey there,
i need some help. Not an expert at all. I have four non latching pushbuttons that i want to trigger four leds with. Only one led should light up at once. So say i push button 1, led 1 goes on and when hitting push button 3, led 1 turns off while led 3 turns on and so forth….

I have a bunch of maxim max16054 ics left over that do the latching, debouncing and trigger the leds. All this works as expected. Im just lost getting the leds to turn off, when turning on another one. It should be possible as the ics have a clear input. Im just too dumb to get the theory right and connect all ics accordingly. Can anyone maybe be so kind as to help me out?

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See Figure No7, the circuit based on 4017' : " If more than one button is pressed, only one output will be activated. "