Help with ECAD practice

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Greetings everyone,

I will humbly ask if there is some kind of volunteer work or maybe even a website with schematics for me to practice my skills with Altium designer

I really want to able to cover at least the basics from schematic creation to generation of manufacturing files like gerber and etc

Best regards from Brazil


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I would recommend making it Arduino compatible board.

DipTrace is very good PCB cad for beginner. Outputs Gerber format that meets the board factory's required specifications better than KiCAD.

This is my advice, but you could safely earn extra income by designing boards that help people by mimicking the circuits described in the semiconductor datasheets.

The CJMCU-xxx board series is very useful, as it faithfully traces the circuits described in the datasheets. You can find a lot about the CJMCU series by searching Google.


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I'll try to do that,
What type of electronics are you into? Audio, micro computer, LED lights? Pick something. We can help.
I use KiCAD.
Along with datasheets, there is often application notes that show a schematic and PCB layout. You can enter the schematic and try to make a similar layout.