Help with diode identification, Inverter board

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Part # is 02 03. One set of numbers is Horizontal and the other is Vertical, depending on how you read it.

The picture shows only one digit from each number 2 0 (the middle two digits). It doesn’t show the first 0 or the ending 3 digit. What you can see is 2 0, see how they are not in the same direction…
This diode is in an HVAC inverter board. Any help would be great!

ps the diode line is like a bunch of less-than symbols, maybe that identifies the manufacture??

... Additional information on the diode:
Daikin inverter board 2P179362 3PCB1560. Diode is D5 on this PCB.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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If you are able to trace out the circuit of the board, or at least the portion with the diode, we may be able to help. Why the interest in the diode type? Do you think that it is failed?
DO NOT twist the diode on it's leads, that will certainly damage it (totally destroy it). And an in-focus picture of the board will help, and a list of the wires connected to it. Is it a motor drive inverter board that has failed? Or what???