Help With Boolean Algebra


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((Jesus)) as how can there be a question with basic stuff - if this is your main discipline - consider learning something that you are interested in

- the conveyor method would be opening all parenthesis and regrouping the operands keeping in mind that
X(true+false) = X -- or simply -- true + false = true
X(true AND false) = false -- or simply -- true·false = false --
-- the *FALSE usually is expressed as next
-- F(var.-s) = op.-s + 0* = op.-s + false* = op.-s
-- e.g. it's* usually not expressed

another way is to tile your X together from 16 - state truth-table/carnaugh-map as in


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Can someone please give me a hand simplifying this Boolean Algebra question? Thank you.

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This appears to be homework, so you need to show your best attempt to tackle it (it doesn't have to be correct, but it gives us a starting point to help identify where your approach is going wrong).

You might try expanding it into SOP (sum of products) form to get started.