Help with an MC2100

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The board in question is a Rev B. It came to us with the common IFRP250 MOSFET failure. Pulled the board, replaced the MOSFET. It fired up immediately and ran good through all the speeds, until I applied resistance to the belt (stepped on it and started walking), blew the MOSFET and the power fuse to the room we were working in. I wasn't 100% sure me stepping on it is what did it (It ran for minute with me walking on it before it dumped, so I replaced the MOSFET again, after confirming it was in fact blown) and tried the test again. True to form it quit blew the MOSFET and room fuse again the second I applied resistance by trying to walk on it. Of note, on the second test I did loosen belt to down the resistance, but even then the motor seemed to struggle for a second before blowing the fuse.

I'm an ME not an EE, so I'm not quite sure where to head now that I know its resistance popping the board. I did loosen the belt before the second test, didn't seem to effect the response.