help to desain Amplifier

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i have a school homework to make a desain system for amplification 1mV to 3.3Vpp. frequency 100Hz-20kHz. and power supply is +12V (single supply). Voffset is removed.
can someone help me to desain it?


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Welcome to AAC.
You will get help as comments on your design. So, post your own effort first. We do not do your homework for you.
And I think this may be moved to the "Homework Help" section.


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What level course is this for?

What kind of topics are being covered leading up to this assignment?

It matters because 1 mV is a pretty low level signal and so it is hard to tell if you are expected to deal with op-amp non-idealities or noise issues. The fact that you are being a given that offset voltages have been removed indicates that it might be at the more basic level of the spectrum.

But, as already pointed out, we don't do homework for people. Post your best thoughts and attempts and we will help guide you toward a solution that, for the most part, you came up with so that you can own and understand it.


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ahh, iam sorry in advanced. i have desain it, but when i want to simulate to LT spice. it can't
Delete the op amp and add it again..You also don't have signal source

my first op amp spice circuit inspired by you..Thanks...dunno how to do frequency analysis